In addition to the site engineering design, the maintenance work its critical to optimizing performance, minimizing downtime and prolonging the facility's useful life

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At ESA we carry out three types of maintenance that ensure total efficiency in your plant’s energy production These are explained below:

Preventive Maintenance

This type of maintenance is carried out through regular visits to the facilities including, among others, the following tasks:

  • Solar module field checks
  • Check-up of the general condition of the module support structures
  • Check-up and cleaning of land and/or roofs
  • Maintenance of the electrical installation, with I-V curve measurements
  • Preventive maintenance of the power inverter as per manufacturer specifications
  • Daily monitoring of the installation
  • Connection to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  • Maintenance of the Transformation Centre (TC)
  • Photovoltaic module cleaning
  • Maintenance report drafting
  • Management support before public administrations, CNMC and electric companies

Plant operated and maintained by ESA in Bagnoregio, Italy

Corrective Maintenance

Plant operated and maintained by ESA, Spain

ESA has trained technicians with extensive experience in managing breakdowns occurring in this type of plants, with accreditations from some of the main equipment manufacturers currently on the market.

This includes all actions performed in installations for the resolution of incidents that may arise, restoring system functionality in the shortest possible time.

The most frequent problems faced by a photovoltaic installation are:

  • Broken modules
  • Dirt in modules
  • Hot spots
  • Burnt cells
  • Module backpanel degradation
  • Vegetation on modules and electrical panels
  • Broken inspection traps
  • Open electrical enclosures
  • Dirty electrical panels
  • Rust and dirt on structures

Predictive Maintenance

This type of maintenance is based on the continuous monitoring of any of the critical variables of the installation, so as to predict future failures and anticipate them by taking the necessary corrective measures in time.

Plant operated and maintained by ESA in Montalto, Italy



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